Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Greens want to regulate farmers out of existence

Our brief is to govern and regulate

We have clearly got to be strong, we have got an obligation to be strong

some councillors were reluctant to regulate the industry because they did not want to "upset" stakeholders

A councillor known for not toeing the council line gets his five minutes of fame.

the council used a mixture of education and regulation and encouraged best practice

His boss refuses to endorse his statements as her council is rightly more pro-active in educating the community whilst supporting local businesses.

I think the farming community and the farming industry have always had a significant influence over Environment Southland through industry-friendly councillors. I think that influence has grown significantly

Some councillors were holding the economy in "higher regard" than the environment

The balance is swinging towards economic development and the not the environment

At least his intent is now fully in the open.  To legislate farmers out of existence.

Nothing but feral greenies lurking at the farmer's fences, looking to get their backs up, ever ready to wreck the economy of this country.  Just as we've witnessed with their recent economy wrecking power manifesto and the anti-mining/oil ethos of late.  Why do people continue to vote these losers onto our councils?

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Allan said...

The Greens should be legislated out of existence for all of the good that they do. Talk about a bunch of backward looking dropkicks. The mind boggles with the stupidity of some of their actions. The part that really grates is that the MSM give them oxygen by reporting their idiotic protests and scaremongering rants. The world would be a better place if such legislation was put in place and they no longer were heard of.