Saturday, November 02, 2013

Cunliffe: Setting the tone for re-election in 2023 or further.

This government is tired, arrogant, and out of touch.

He launched into an attack on National, listing its "Hall of Shame" as Warner Brothers, SkyCity, Rio Tinto and Chorus

Dirty, personal, negative attack politics.   After wishing to sell Mr Key's dear long departed mother earlier in the week, his opening gambit in the speech to the slavering unionised is to play the man.

We have all heard about our current Prime Minister's own humble beginnings, his overseas success and his money trader's fortune

Yep, that should do it, about 2023 for the Labia Party is looking good.

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Lolita Brother said...

Fundamentally Cunliffe is nasty bad news. Thats why he was so popular with his own caucus. There is enough time for New Zealanders to see what he is.