Thursday, November 07, 2013

Bloody thieving socialists at it again

Len Brown will propose a "living wage" of $18.40 for all Auckland Council staff at a council meeting today

In an effort to divert from his repugnant actions of late, JafaLand's NightMayor is apparently to front today on his road to redemption with a diversion in hand.  Maye wrong choice of words there, as he has had rather a lot 'in hand' of late.

the wage would not have a big impact on ratepayers

an incredibly small amount of money in the multibillion-dollar budget that the council has

It's always "a little bit more, you will not notice"  The twisted line of thought of thieving effing socialists ever ready to further rape our wallets for more taxes to impose yet more unproven and unwanted social engineering.  That line of thought is exactly why we have council thieves extracting and squandering our multi-millions.

Someone has to clean sh*thouses for a pittance so that they will learn, like the rest of us have done so the hard way long ago early in our careers, to get off your backside and up-skill yourself for better wages.

As for the nightmare, stand down and resign.   You are now a lame duck, too scared to front.

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the conservative said...

Yeah, I noticed the cheque book is coming out already, a mere week after he said this term was about bugetary constraint.

So I wonder if his short-term memory will also apply to his personal life as well.