Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pissed sportswoman "not happy with the result", plays her ace

very disappointed and very upset, ... We are not giving it up.

It will have real consequences against her career. She won't be able to travel and she competes in this sport, and travel is very important to her, to get to Canada and those types of places

Should have thought about that before she drove pissed. 

admitted she had been "unlawful and stupid" but asked for a discharge without conviction because she was having a bad time after breaking up with her boyfriend

Aah, the mitigation sob story.  But then she plays her ace.

Ms Insley had successfully argued for leniency, saying it was rare for a Maori woman from a poor upbringing to excel in sport

Really?  In this modern age, there's always the race card for your A game.

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