Friday, June 06, 2008

Apartheid has arrived in NZ

At the talkfest on local governance in JafaLand, it has been suggested that some positions within the future council be awarded by race. The groups pushing that wheelbarrow apparently have about 14% of population but are hard pressed to get any persons democratically elected into councils or onto community boards.

So knowing that PC options using culture and race fly well here in our country, the groups are trying to get to the table undemocratically.

While it is bad enough that NZ still actively continues to offer seats in our Parliament based purely on race, I certainly believe we should never want to go down that path at local government or elsewhere.

One problem underlying the issue is that like with many arguments before, the groups see themselves as, not a member of the wider population, but as a separatist elements.

That is seriously wrong, being the recipe for apartheid. Persons and groups supporting such a stand need to be taken to task. Should they wish to gain access to the trough of local governance, their views and desires, will like all other contenders in that game, have to reflect the general populace, not that of a select group. Only this week we have seen a loser candidate withdraw from the higher central government game because of the heat in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, I fear apartheid has arrived. It is a road NZ should not travel.

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Barnsley Bill said...

We have had it for quite some time. I fear if we fail to change the govt this year it will worsen.