Saturday, June 21, 2008


The topic du jour is the exodus to the land of dingos, stubbies, droughts and bushfires.

Fran O'Sullivan skirts the issue, looking at who might need to change their spots to join the Nats in coalition.

Also some consultant has landed a plum job investigating why the exodus is the only thing sustainable about the current corrupt government.

Until this country actually allows rich pricks to get on with their business and creates the right business environment through reduced taxes and bureaucracy, we will always play second fiddle to the Lucky Country.

the medium-term prospects for workers and businesses in Australia were more attractive than in New Zealand
Why not leave this country for greener pastures? Seems a lot of us have just done that.
Key is also promoting a "bolder" New Zealand with a strong focus on leveraging the Asian growth century and major incentives for greenfields foreign direct investment. The question facing Key and English is whether National's potential coalition partners are up for the "step change".

Or stay with a government that encourages something other than apathy while it seeks to retain control over your wallet? Interesting to see the only group supporting Liarbour is PI. I suppose that is where their core element is.

Like Fran asks, when it comes to the coalition crunch, will Liarbour offer the Bauble King the ultimate prize? The Nats are taking a different approach, having seen the previous farces called government by committe. The peacock is most unwelcome.

Why indeed?

KG at Crusader Rabbit summarises the issues at play with some sage commentary. Well said.
I guess it would baffle bureaucrats--insulated as they are from the stark realities facing many Kiwis.
So in a spirit of helpfulness I'll give the fat-assed statist leeches a clue or two:
crippling taxes
an overbearing, nannying unprincipled government of liars, cheats, thieves, environmental zealots and thugs.
A vast army of welfare bludgers who regard "free" medical care and a plethora of other "free" services as a right.
A diminishing army of taxpayers who regard funding druggies, Maori separatists, single teenage sluts, Polynesian thugs, council gaueleiters, fat-arsed dictatorial wimmin and nannying nazi bureaucrats as a less than optimal use of their hard-earned dollars.
It's a start--I'm sure a few of the thousands of blood-sucking effing leeches who make a comfortable living from the public tit would be able to take a break from their endless conferences and seminars and office gossip sessions could come up with one or two more reasons.

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