Monday, June 23, 2008

New prison?

If that is the cost of getting crims out of our communities, so be it. At least the Nats are being upfront about it, not like the incumbents who have installed criminals in places like the Milton Hilton.

Later this year, a few more beds will be needed to house the 120 crims currently holding the reins and their associates.

There is simply not enough space to lock up all that should be in one.

For example, home detention for this child abuser should not be an option.

One in South Auckland should solve the problem. Maybe out West? Whenuapai has acres of spare runway for 'affordable' housing. No fear of rising damp or taniwhas, the basepad is already concrete.


KG said...

8 months home detention for that piece of filth--unbelievable!

PM of NZ said...

Yes kg, from an early age we teach our kids that if they stuff up they will be taken out of circulation on the naughty step, possibly with a good clip around the ears.

When they stuff up as adults, if you could dare to call such filth that, what does the soft-cock judiciary do? Lets them off with a guaranteed holiday at home.

Anonymous said...

Put the prison in South Auckland so the far-now can take a bus to visit poor old Rangi and co.

West has a prison already at Pare, even tho it is on the NS.