Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unions after a cut of my rates

The heavily unionised council bureaucracy that is local governance in Orklund want their cut as a royal commission looks into their very existence.

I wondered when this group might surface. Every other trough swiller has had their say in how much they are doing the work of the Lord and need to be preserved on the rate payroll. As an extremely concerned ratepayer, one who actually pays their wages, all reductions in the trough suppers is good. Even better if it is a union flunky or a leeching consultant.
union would not expect any job losses as a result of change
members had no idea what was coming in the way of change. People were worried about their future, and were putting less into their jobs or looking for alternative employment.

They should be rightly concerned - I say bring it on and my reduce rates. This is exactly why a commission was required. To weed out those pen-pushing empire builders in our very own modern Gliding On. Now, if only we could also get rid of top level slurpers like Bob the eco-dinosaur, I could be real happy.

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