Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ghost of Feltex slashing jobs

Barely 2 months after the last effort of 165 jobs being slashed another 12 are to go.

The Aussie ring-in is continuing pruning operations, but

This is not a slow death,

but simply a repositioning so that we are where we want to be

We have bought land here and have a strong commitment to the region and site
Locals watch with baited breath, while local businesses continue to fail. Oringi, 466 jobs last month. And her indoors had the cheek just recently to say that everyone she talks to is not seeing doom and gloom. She must be talking to the wrong people.

I guess other businesses on the newly refurbished High Street, being paved with gold from ratepayer wallets, such as the soon to open brothel and Winz will continue to be the new growth industries in town. As for the brothel, maybe not if the local God Botherer's can stop it.

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