Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More WMD

Thick and fast WMD's are coming. The spin machine to bribe and blackmail is on overdrive heading into election year geo-stationary orbit.

After the Thin Blue Line politburo failed miserably in the eyes of most last week, except for a few actually doing the job, her indoors wants to remove all the grog shops in the area. In case you hadn't noticed, the nag has bolted. Nothing about addressing the real issues. With a politicised police force, soft sentencing and the drug trade. NZ is truly a land fit for criminals.

I note that she says it was Parliament that may have got it wrong. Not 'the Labour-led government' or the 'Fourth Labour Government of NZ' got it wrong. If the Nats had been in, it would have been very clearly worded in that direction.

Oh yes, the same government that gave us Rogernomics, GST, nuclear free zones, Resource Management Law Reform, the MoE and DoC. Also legalised males shagging males. All of which have done wonders for this country.

Enough of that, back to the spin cycle as we enter orbit. Her indoors is looking to bribe the general populace (must be an election soon?) to support her ETS. Well, only some (the part so necessary to get re-elected?) of the populace. Seems some are to get offered a bribe if we live in an under-insulated house. Yes, if you have an insulated home, you can afford it, therefore are not likely to vote for Liarbour or require such a handout. Just like the reasoning behind the other one-sided redistribution tax WFF. At least the tree-huggers say this plain unfair and suggest all homes should get an equal slice of the pie.

I wonder what history will say about this Fifth Labour Government? It is already a legend in its own lunchtime for being the most corrupt government in our short history. Perception is everything in this game.


Barnsley Bill said...

I think we should microchip the bottle store owners. That should fix it, shouldn't it?

PM of NZ said...

Microchipping MPs would be a better option. At least capitalist liquor store owners might get some warning at the door that pollies were in the area looking to undercut their legitimate businesses of selling grog to the underclasses.