Sunday, June 29, 2008

Clark: If it leaks - You own it

Advice for those with leaky homes as some Mayors approach her indoors for a handout to cover council liabilities.

While such liabilities may be or not be proven in a court of law, where matters are watertight enough to shed liability, most would suspect the government is totally complicit in this issue.

It was a government agency who changed the building code to allow untreated timbers and also the same government that still allows councils to charge handsomely for an inspectorate that is still not willing to shoulder any blame or liability when matters go pear shaped.

Yes the government is at the heart of this matter and like their fawning subordinate councils, will shed any liability or responsibility like water falling onto a coke bottle.

So I am not surprised by this comment from her indoors.
homeowners had to accept some liability for their repair bills.

"They purchased the home, they own it."

I feel sure the electorate will suggest what could be done with those that are not shouldering their share of responsibility on or before November the 15th.


KG said...

So let's see--we're forced to pay some council petty Nazi for permission to do what we want with our own property, but all that paperwork and those inspections don't mean a damn thing in terms of liability?
So what the fuck are we paying for, exactly?

PM of NZ said...

Exactly! What are we buying?