Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Blues? Forget it - nice to know you're loved

It might be surprising news on a Monday morning - but a new survey suggests most New Zealanders are arriving at the office smiling.

Beer manufacturers were seen as more trustworthy than the accounting profession, the rugby union, Telecom or journalists.

Auction website Trade Me was regarded as more trustworthy than the police.

Yes, Mr Plod will remain at the bottom end till they improve their service. I saw last night on the telly that shop keepers rang the 0800 Dial A Taxi service for assistance - I think the rellies said the ambulance took 25 mins and Mr Plod took 45 mins to attend an armed robbery (now a murder).

On a different note, the economy is of particular concern to 33%.

The reason for those Monday smiles - them that actually pay taxes know that her indoors will be out their lives forever in a few short months...

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