Sunday, June 22, 2008

When NO means maybe YES

We always knew this was going to happen.
A yes vote can be achieved if the Irish people are offered guarantees

The no campaign will be picked off one by one. Everyone has a price.

Sarkozy is determined to “save” the EU as France takes over the rotating presidency on July 1.

The only country that held a referendum on the matter is to now have another just to see they got it right. The knuckle-dragger in charge of Zimbabwe would be proud. Only God will change the ordained course.

Franco-German interests will bring pressure to bear.
The French president will visit Ireland on July 11 for talks with Brian Cowen, the taoiseach. “We will try to make this ‘no’ an opportunity,” he said, pledging to use “English pragmatism” to find a solution.

Good to see EU democracy will be good for you.

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