Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The price we will pay

Unions are to demand new rights to strike as the price for keeping the cash-strapped Labour Party afloat.

Repealing the ban on secondary industrial action is among a swath of left-wing policies that unions want to see in the Labour manifesto.

...relying on the unions to help to avert Labour’s cash crisis, when they are in increasingly militant mood.

Yes this is the price we will all pay should Liarbour retain control of the reins.
As unions begin to flex their muscles on the ground, they are working to maximise their leverage over the Prime Minister at a time when the Government is politically vulnerable and the party is financially parlous.
There will be a cost for their support. While silenced by electoral law it must be remembered where Liarbour's financial support is sourced.
Over the past few months large donations to Labour of the type enjoyed have all but dried up, leaving the party increasingly reliant on its traditional paymasters. In the first quarter of this year, union contributions made up 88 per cent of the party’s income, up from 51 per cent in the same period last year, according to the Electoral Commission.
Yes, the country will be held to ransom for their continued support.

I wonder how long before the union parasites here latch onto this scheme?

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