Sunday, June 29, 2008

Conspiracies under every bed

Lairbour's conspirationist extraordinaire is having a hissy fit this morning as he puts forward the notion that the Nats are using top-notch media advising spin doctors and has been doing so for some time.

Common practice in all camps, where any dirt will do with a hint of the subliminal, but really pissed that the Nats have hired the best in the business. Having used them previously, obviously they have an ongoing business relationship with them. What's wrong, can't a broke party afford such luxuries?
Labour also uses focus groups, soft interview forums such as breakfast TV and concerted attacks on its opponents, as do most political parties worldwide.

The important question is how deceptive, secretive and manipulative each party's tactics are

What does Liarbour expect? They are the current players using the same dirty tactics, controlling the media with similarly worded messages playing to punters worst fears, such as 'tax cuts by Nats will be inflationary and will cause cuts to services'.

I say well done Nats for signing up the best in the game. You know you are playing against the most corrupt government, power crazed for another slurp in the trough.

And to Liarbour, 'Pot this is Kettle...'.


KG said...

So--drivel written by Nicky (black helicopters) Hager now gets the headlines...
This lot--and their media supporters--are getting truly desperate.

PM of NZ said...

I'd expect nothing less than conspiratorial anti-Nat headlines from the leftie rag that is the SST.

I have to force myself to have a look once a week and see what the loser leftards are up to.

Ex Labour said...
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Ex Labour said...

Sorry, just wanted to say they get what they deserve, and they deserve not less. It would be nice if our Left-loving media would give Wishart's explosive new tome the same kind of coverage (with the same dollopings of sugar) but faaaat chance!