Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber fearing for this country

I'm in something of a dilemma. Like most of my generation I was seduced by the left when young, but that was when the country was being milked left right and centre by an old boys cabal of old money farmers and protectionist business - back in the days when you had to get a license to import a car - and only those in the know got the licenses.

Then there was the expedient National years of Muldoon which spent the accumulated wealth of the 1950-60s golden years, and confronted with a similar oil shock as today decided to Think Big (and bribe the oldies with a pension plan that defies belief), put the country in so much hock it we were a couple of days away from being a South American banana republic economy.

National in those days did not have a political philosphy other than a Mugabe-like grasp for power, and when you remember the cretinous toadies like McCready, McLaughlin et al - they also had a spectacular lack of depth in their talent pool.
After Labour put New Zealand on track for the prosperity it has enjoyed for the past three decades - in the Lange-Douglas, Fish and Chip brigade years until Lange got cold feet and had a cuppa tea, we have had two National governments who were spectacular in their mediocrity - before this Labour Party, once again ushered in a period of prosperity not seen since the late 50s early 60s.

That it was built on a bubble of delusion was not seen by any of the money-grubbing latte sipping 30-40 year-old smartarses who are now yelping like the spoilt brats they are now they are finding out what it is like to actually struggle a bit to pay their bills without access to even more credit card debt.

Now before you start loading up the shotgun. I too have more than the odd leg of beef with Labour. Its shameless feminisation of the education system which has turned out two generations of wimpish illiterate males who couldn't say no when their missuses were racking up their credit cards. Its gutless psuedo-Pacifism which has left the country with no airforce, a navy with no guns and an army with vehicles that it can't use and with a pathetic response to the war on Islamofacism which has seen other countries sacrifice the cream of their young (my home country Wales lost two this week) while we pretend it isn't happening - or worse, that it has nothing to do with us. Letting others fight for you while you sit safely high and dry, that's cowardice of the highest order in my book.

Then there is the welfare dependancy, the judiciary, the loony response to global warming et al.

I have no faith in their ability to do the right thing.

But then I see Keys, Brownlie and Co and I wonder, are they any better? And given the record of the past 40 years - I think not.

I fear for this country, I really do.

It really is a choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledummer.

Sage commentary from Rarebitting On at Barnsley Bill

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