Saturday, June 28, 2008

On the subject of farming

While you are all rugged in front of a fire or whatever tonight sipping your latte with all its frothy milk and tucking into a cheeseboard after having tucked into a nice juicy steak that was just like what was ordered, have a think about those who produced the milk and the steak. Don't do meat? Remember that the animal who gave it's all was all vegan.

Anyway, have a good long hard think about those farmers who got that produce to your stomach. It has been a prick of a week with the weather.

Vicious icy cold squally weather 24x7 this week.

Everything is cold, wet and sodden. Mud everywhere. Snow to 500m earlier in the week. Animals eat heaps more when it is cold and wet, it is their way of keeping warm in a wild wind swept paddock. So much more effort is required from daylight to dusk to properly look after the animals.

Feeling good are we? Yes it is this time of the year when the pressure is on down on the farm, green feed is short, animals are hugely pregnant, mere weeks away from calving and need carefully looking after.

Then we get latte-sipping nutters like the Greens taking photos of steers and screaming 'dirty dairying'.

Hope you enjoy that steak and milky drink with your cheeseboard.

If you can afford it, that is.


homepaddock said...

It's not quite that bad, but it's good to know someone appreciates farmers:)

KG said...

It's bad enough out our way--I wouldn't be a farmer for quids!

PM of NZ said...

homepaddock - Certainly has felt that bad this week as I have moved my 15 or so steers along the long acre in those vicious squalls twice a day this last week.

Reminds me, must get them off the road - it is almost dark and bucketing down.