Friday, September 04, 2009

All will be revealed

Today the Super City makeup report is made public. Some are still being vocal and anti on all matters, others continue being deathly quiet and others are looking for undemocratic representation by virtue of their skin colour.

There will be much posturing and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth by the end of the day hopefully as the troughers are brutally excised from my rates bill.
There are too many people who are involved who don't understand local government. They just think it's about rates and roads and rubbish. They don't realise there's lots of other things local government has to do

The Mare of Rodney continuing to spout off only confirms why councils are getting a hammering. The people do understand local government. Local government that rips them off, taxes them to hell and beyond, has their nose into every central government social engineering program possible.

You see, a council's job is only rates roads and rubbish. Period. All the extra social engineering junk for which the ratepayer is stiffed is the domain of central government agencies for which we are again over taxed. It is time the burden on ratepayers is considerably lightened.

I can only hope Mr Hide has a favourable report.

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