Thursday, September 03, 2009

Laws gets mis-addressed letter

Some schoolkids sent a letter to an unknown organisation resident in an unlisted town. Since it was a local school, The Mayor of Wanganui being the font of knowledge in all matters Wanganui apparently graciously received it and has forwarded an answer.

So nice of him to take time out his no doubt busy schedule ensuring no patched gang members are visible in his Wanganui main street, but that's another story.

Back to the mis-addressed letter.
Well we think that Laws reply will stagger you. It is undoubtedly racist.

Busted Blonde has taken exception and suggests the reply is racist. Being unable to read the original as it is not in English, I am unable to judge that for myself. The tone of the reply, in English, merely appears to suggest the sender is under some mis-apprehensions, possibly from the children's teacher.

Where is racism in that?


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