Friday, September 04, 2009

Super City Report: First look

However, the majority of us believe that the question of whether the
existing legislation provides adequate opportunities for Māori representation
in local government is an issue of national significance, extending beyond Auckland. Resolving this issue should therefore be considered in that context rather than through this piece of legislation.

No to undemocratic representation via seats reserved by skin colour.
the majority of us consider that retaining the FPP system of voting at
both the council and local board level would be preferable
Retain First Past the Post voting, not STV, that dreadful disease voters have caught of late.
the northern boundary of Auckland city should be generally based on a line between the mouths of the Puhoi and Makarau rivers, dividing the current Rodney district in two
we urge the commission to consider carefully retaining all of Pukekohe and Waiuku as part of the Auckland region, rather than splitting them each in two

New boundaries. Goodbye to the Mare of Rodney. Still trying to have the Auckland cake though with recommending retaining regional parks management out of the area in the north. I still reckon Brynderwyn's to Bombay's is the natural features boundary. Anything south of the Bombay's/Hunua's should be Waikato.

Watercare to be solely resonsible for water and wastewater. Wonder how the organisation will deal with a Kaipara Harbour that is being polluted by two differing local governments?
We strongly believe that the new Auckland Council has a fundamental
responsibility to effectively address social issues across the region

Social engineering delivered by local council is to remain. This is one area I believe local councils have should not have any part. Delivery of social services is a central government issue and should be delivered by their over funded and numerous under worked agencies.

Pages 20 to 33 summarise the minority views of the Labour, Green and Maori Parties. Extremely anti to say the least.

Pages 37 to 76 is the actual bill.
we expect the local activities that will be the subject of local
board plans would be likely to include the operation and development
of local facilities, including sports and recreation centres, swimming
pools, and parks; the operation of community services such as libraries,
community centres and halls; supporting local community
events; administration of funding to local community groups and
youth centres; community safety, graffiti prevention, and other social services; promotion of local economic development activities such
as Business Improvement Districts, and improving streetscapes and
signage; developing and proposing local bylaws to reflect local community
concerns and preferences; and undertaking effective community
engagement and seeking community views on both local board
activities and the regional and regulatory functions of the governing

On first look, a very balanced report. Well done Rodney and team.

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