Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What are the Police doing???

negotiating with activists...

Get stuffed with talking. Talk time stopped this morning when these pirate bastards boarded the ship. They should be treated as terrorists. Saltwater 4" hoses at 10 deg C on mist spray would have solved the problem hours ago. But Mr Plod turns to jelly and takes the soft route.

So what if a Greenpeace terrorist slips from a great height onto a steel deck? Not one NZ farmer would likely shed a tear.
Greenpeace was anti-farming: "It's a despicable new tactic that has Greenpeace's loathing of farming written all over that ship.
BTW, has the anti-terrorist legislation been sorted yet?


KG said...

Yeah, PM--just like they would 'negotiate' with ordinary working folks who were found to be breaking the law, eh?
Like hell they would.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, those Tauranga cops at least remembered the law, even if you don't. Assaulting peaceful protesters is illegal, as is killing them (when your hose helps them 'slip & fall to the deck'). Funny how people who get their knickers in a twist over commerce being disrupted for a few hours are happy for murder to be done...

BTW, thanks for letting us know your opinion on farmers - that they would endorse your killing of protesters ("wouldn't shed a tear"). You should have mentioned the dishonest 'piracy' quote was from FedFarmers ranter Don Nicholson though. Just so people know it's NOT a comment from Kiwi farmers ;)

KG said...

"Assaulting peaceful protesters is illegal"
Boarding a ship falls somewhat outside the definition of "peaceful protest".
For starters, they're trespassing, secondly they're interrupting people going about their lawful business.
And it's not just farmers--a whole lot of us wouldn't shed a tear if every damn parasitic greenpeace activist were to go down with Ebola tomorrow.
As an aside, how many of them have real jobs and how many are funded by the poor bloody long-suffering taxpayer?
Why is it too difficult for some idiots to at least get themselves a nom de plume, by the way? Most moronic comments seem to come from anonymous posters.....

PM of NZ said...

Actually Anon, I am a Kiwi farmer, if you care to look at my profile, you might note my occupation.

Nothing dishonest about failing to mention a piracy quote source irrespective of what someone from FF said. IMHO boarding a ship without express invitation is piracy. Nothing less and as in other countries, pirates should be removed with force.

Notwithstanding that, there was nothing about assault. That fact that a pirate illegally onboard a vessel might get wet and cold under a saltwater mist spray, losing their grip is unfortunate, but ultimately their problem.

As for getting knickers in a twist as you write this event off as a minor lull in commerce, I do wonder how much this idiotic episode of piracy cost the ship owners, the NZ taxpayer and NZ Inc as a trading nation. Actually economic treason could be a better description.

Like KG suggests, few would shed tears over the eradication of all greenie nutters and other similarly motivated feral organisations.

Johnboy said...

Whats wrong with murdering people who hold up commerce??

PM of NZ said...


Suggesting that murder is the intent of resolving such situations is stretching the plot somewhat.

Removal of pirates/terrorists via active means of force is warranted and justified. Murder is not.