Monday, September 07, 2009

MMP works - Time for a Tui

The separatist party reckons MMP works has done this for you
It has delivered Kiwibank,

paid parental leave

and home insulation
Big deal. All methods to keep bludgers voting for minorities.

However, I see MMP very differently.
A failed 16 year experiment in the futility of minority politics.

In my view MMP has delivered
120 or more useless MP's on the taxpayer teat

List MP's that are not elected

MP's that do not represent an electorate

MP's that answer to no one but the party

Minorities such as tree huggers and separatists wagging the dog

There is no second place in politics. Winner takes all. Proportional representation is a political disease favouring vocal collectivist minorities that should be eradicated.


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Tanya said...

Goood post, totally agree. MMP is an electoral rort, it is very undemocratic, hey, we voted out a certain MP, but they got back in via the party list, anyway. What a dog of a system, the voters get marginalised.