Friday, September 04, 2009

Westie dinosaur is out of a job

And he's not happy.
  • underwhelming
  • they have delivered local government lite
  • local boards ... will be little more than sewing circle meetings
  • It's clear that this reform is driven by political ideology
  • the process of getting to this point has been "completely undemocratic"

I'd say he has finally realised he has just received a DCM with a pink slip. Excellent. And the Henderson Ivory Towers which the ratepayers have been saddled with for the next lifetime are now redundant. The sewing circle meetings will now be held in local community halls.

Waitakere City Council staff will continue to deal openly and constructively with the Auckland Transition Authority

Pity the same can't be said about the Mayor and deputy who have done everything possible to disrupt this process for the last year trying to implement Liarbour ideology.

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Oswald Bastable said...

Community boards have always been a damp squib.

They are as much use as a fishnet condom.