Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"Never, never, never say never"

Again straight from the horses mouth. And we have have learnt from previous escapades that it is not true unless it has been uttered by said mouth.

You will not see such a quote on No Minister, or so they say.

Anyway, the one whose name must not be mentioned has opened Election 2011 by beginning to rebuild an 'army' from the south. He looks forward to being kingmaker again.
I can name three former leaders of the National Party who said the identical same thing and could not wait to call me on election night

And a warning to the incumbents.
If we could almost win in the worst campaign we have ever had, then I think we have got a great chance of making it

Typical Winnie getting right back into the spotlight, not that he ever really moved out of it.

Game on!

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