Friday, September 11, 2009

Sorry is what is required Phil

Sorry. Five letters. No qualifications.

That is the word you are desperately looking for Phil.

Sorry for The Electoral Finance Act
Sorry for politicising the Police Force
Sorry for imposing eco lightbulbs
Sorry for thieving $800,000
Sorry for wrecking the status of marriages with civil unions
Sorry for legalising and promoting homosexuality
Sorry for downsizing your showers
Sorry for making middle class NZ welfare bludgers
Sorry for failing to stand up to Helen
Sorry for KiwiSlaver
Sorry for Welfare for Families
Sorry for purchasing the KiwiRail wreck
Sorry for criminalising parents
and the beat goes on...

Easy isn't it? Nothing less will do Phil. Then some might just believe in your message of reform.

Do it Phil. You know you want to.

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