Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Assassinating Threatened MPs

There is no place for threats to politicians in New Zealand politics

So says the Prime Minister after she who had it coming gets all antsy over a minor comment saying she was an overripe candidate for New Zealand's first political assassination.
It's part of the job
Still she complained. Nasty, venal political point scoring on her part.

Anyway, who needs to get physical (or would want to) with MPs? You'd only get locked up for that.

Pollies threaten themselves all the time. Must be a Darwin gene in there somewhere.

Novice John Boy Key is setting a prime example of how to commit political suicide when threatened and cornered by ignoring the very clear wishes of 1.4 million voters on good parenting.


Anonymous said...

Well, Johnny Boy has proved to be one of 'them.' What on earth is happening behind closed doors? His position is really strange, is he having his arm twisted, or as Michael Laws said in his SST coloumn, is he either thick (which I doubt) or really is petty, he thinks parents should not have the right to disicipline their kids? He's lost my vote, my respect, I'll never join National eitehr, which I was thinking about. Sickening, our leaders.


As I noted at my place on Sunday, Sue Bradford is worth more to the right alive than dead.
We need her around to remind us of the marxist nannying of the eco-communists.
Should she be bumped off, I am sure she would be lionised and turned into a martyr.

Anonymous said...

And look at the coverage she is getting from the media, yet more chance to have a go at decent parents wanting to 'whack' their kids. The woman is so arrogant. MMP, what a dog of a system, no MMP, no Bradford in Parliament, no anti smacking bill, no tyranny of the minority, but whatever happened to PM's who listiten, who have spine and respect for those that voted them into power?