Thursday, September 24, 2009

Natives get soft separate justice system

I open the Herald online and what do I see?

Bloody unbelievable!  The natives have been given their own justice system.  
Tamaiti [a boy] can stand in front of his family and be accounted for - it's easy to go to a Pakeha court and go ae, ae, [yeah, yeah] and give the fingers and go out

So, if you are one of the 'normal' New Zealanders, ie one with skin colour of a certain shade, you will get to bimble off down to 'da meeting house to get weighed off.
For those with no connection to their roots, this intervention would hopefully be the start of an end to reoffending

As if.  If there is no connection currently, do you really think that the criminal will have an epiphany in da meeting house?

victims would not be left out of the picture as they would have to agree to it

And do you really think that Hohepa Criminal will care any more about their victims in that setting?  I know, if I was a victim, that I would not want be going to some meeting house to see justice done.

60 per cent of those in custody were Maori - was unacceptable

And why?  Because you keep pissing in criminals pockets.  Victims have no rights in the current system.  And you keep taking the soft options like this farce along with the farce that is home detention.  One day you might realise that the only way to deal with a criminal is to lock them up.

God help us.  This country has gone to the dogs since National got the reins.  Come back Winston, all is forgiven.


KG said...

Apartheid...don't ya just love it?

Anonymous said...

Why did I ever vote National? I agree, I would have Winston back too, even Labour. What a country, God defend NZ, cause the govt certainly won't.

Lucy said...

Nooooo Not Winston. Never never never never.

Anonymous said...

sounds like your for it, huh