Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Arse covering of the first magnitude

Over the weekend and yesterday we witnessed arse covering of the first magnitude by yet another NZ tertiary institution.  Again, after all the riots down south a week earlier.
Lincoln University has apologised for the Nazi-themed dress of first-year students celebrating Oktoberfest at a halls of residence-run party
Prof Field apologised for any offence caused by the students
All that was required was something along the lines of 'some young students had a pissup and made dickhead choices in their fancy dress'. Period.

many of the students who attended were first years and may not know have known what the "holocaust was all about"

Instead we get a full blown arse covering reacting to a few expressions of disgust.  While it was a disgusting choice of dress, students have to learn somewhere about making poor life choices.  They certainly wouldn't have got any life skills from their previous teachers in our high schools.  Halls of residence pissups will always happen and unfortunately some students will make dumb decisions.

Most of us would have been there, done that in different shades.  Even Prince Harry has been there.  A few papers sell, the sun still comes up tomorrow.

One day institutions might actually tell the story like it is, not spray weasel words covering their backsides.

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