Saturday, September 05, 2009

Brinksmanship and risk

Yesterday, First Past the Post elections in Local Government without non-elected seats reserved via skin colour in the Super City. Today John Boy Key is hinting that we will get to vote on MMP via a new referendum at the next election.
There is a fundamental issue of fairness at stake here

No wonder Winston is keen on doing a Lazarus (HT The Inquiring Mind) act this time around. The 2014 election should be back to a two horse race minus the tree huggers and the separatists. Act and National should do well. Rightly so and stable government ahead without the MMP farce of list MP's.

Maybe the anti-smacking referendum was just testing the waters. Having confirmed there is fervent desire to be shot of Nanny, full steam ahead back to FPP whilst the proverbial iron is hot. The next referendum will be expensive, a spin merchants wet dream as minorities fight tooth and nail to retain their unfairly gained hold on their place at the trough.
Gamesmanship will again come into calculations on the sequencing of the MMP referendum. Businessman Peter Shirtcliffe has been campaigning for "enough intellectual and organisational horsepower" to be applied so a single stage definitive referendum could be held next year, then applied at the 2011 election.

Some would like the referendum next year and actually vote under the new rules in 2011.

Fantastic stuff, interesting times ahead for Luigi and other minorities.

The long game has changed yet again. Risky business, but a high dividend.


Pique Oil said...

PM are we going into very dangerous waters when the results of referenda are only implemented if they fit the political whim of the encumbent.
the Anti smacking referendum had to forced on the bastards and they then ignore the outcome. This one will be used if the outcome is acceptable. How about a referendum to see whether we actually want any of the leeches. Nothing would change but perhaps just one of them would tremble for a nanosecond.

Anonymous said...

so, National and John Key have sold out majority view to the Left. What a surprise, not. Shame on our leaders, and God help us all.