Friday, May 14, 2010

And we pay for this?

It's called Governing and colonising migrant maternity. The abstract is as follows:

The empirical study of migrant maternities offers a unique theoretical vantage point for considering wider issues such as imperialism, nation building and reproduction. Using the white settler context of Aotearoa/New Zealand, I detail an empirical study that explored the discourses used by well child health providers to represent their work with migrant mothers. I argue that migrant maternities are constituted through a repertoire of medical and nursing discourses combined with culturalist and assimilatory discourses that draw on liberal pluralist notions of citizenship. These require the migrant mother to take up normalising or colonising practices that enforce adaptation to dominant cultural norms such as autonomy and independence. These discursive practices or normalising strategies of power are colonising because they involve the re-ordering of space and the surveillance and control of mothers. Health professionals discipline and regulate gendered bodies in racialised ways that reinforce and reproduce colonial power relations and that this has the potential to contribute to health inequalities and ethically and socially unacceptable outcomes. Further development and refinement of cultural safety, an indigenous ethical form of nursing practice is advocated in order to counter dominant beliefs that racism can be ameliorated with moral education and greater cultural knowledge.

WTF? People actually go out of their way to listen to bollocks such as this?

Some of the unadulterated PC absolute drivel we pay taxes for from the Hand Mirror


KG said...

This is a prime example of the effing garbage which infests nursing education these days.
And now, of course we're at the point where practitioners of this shit are high enough up the academic tree to award titles and honours to the acolytes (or is that victims?) who've learned to play the Postmodernist Offal Game.
These days I'm very wary indeed of anyone using the title of Professor or Doctor.....

(I just have to quote it in full over at my place but I'll link back to here.)

Murray said...

I'm doing mine on the military application of the trenches at Troy and the consistancy of military principles in warfare.

I'll forward you a copy.

Anonymous said...

Yes we all pay for this. Not only in financial terms but also in the culture of blame and victimisation that it engenders. We all know that the only salve for that is large scale application of guilt money.
So perhaps we should look at this as more of a fund raising exercise than the psychobabble it at first appears to be.