Thursday, May 13, 2010

The man has no balls

Confirmed today.


KG said...

Pathetic, isn't he? This man is no leader. And the Maori should shove the faux outrage, too.
Their ancesteros were cannibals. So what? Aren't we supposed to mention the fact?

KG said...

"ancestors", that is.

Anonymous said...

But when it comes to Maori in this country, you can't say a thing. Look at all the abuse that is swept under the rug, if perpetrated by Maori. The situation has gotten ridiculous, and this country is now racist in reverse. Key is pathetic, and I think Goff is right, the public will (and are) tiring of him.

Murray said...

Still waiting for an appolgy over the boys chowing down on Rev Volkner.

Any reparations there at all?


PM of NZ said...


I'd daresay the rellies of those at the bottom of Whangaroa Hbr, late of the Boyd, might be looking for similar reparations too.