Thursday, May 13, 2010

Community Helpers?

Black Power gang members have vowed to hunt down and punish a gang affiliate who attacked a preschooler

"We are not happy with this. We are keeping a watch out for the guy. If he is found we will give him a good clouting."

Not content with that the populace has to contend with these threatening bone-idle gang scum perpetrating sickening crimes on a daily basis, the above makes it obvious where their loyalties lie. Not with letting Mr Plod do his job as would any other citizen.

Sure the gangs are sold as community helpers, this is nothing more than a laundered front to hide their criminal actions. A means of ingratiating themselves into what is seen as normal society.

Here in Dannevegas, the town has turned red of late as yoof that should be in school or trade training tarted up in their colours wander aimlessly from one end of the main drag to the other end via WINZ and KFC or McD's. Hourly shuffles, threatening all and sundry with their "I own this town" airs. Not doing anything obviously criminal in daylight hours but the attitude stinks.

The violent crime in recent times has followed - a place I visited in town yesterday had fresh blood spattered everywhere outside from a violent nocturnal incident. Right next door from the cop shop. And just last week, some some yet to be arrested pair of scum did a drive by sexual abduction.
Mayor Michael Laws, whose town has a "no patches policy", called for gangs to be outlawed. "What we really want is a no-gangs policy. They are evil and require their banning by legislation."

Justice Minister Simon Power said there were already provisions in the Crimes Act covering intimidation and assault.

Too right. To the Minister, the Wanganui 'no gangs policy' is needed country-wide. No ifs, buts or exceptions. And actively enforced.

To Mr Plod, get stuck into the would be criminals. Stop pissing around revenue gathering by hiding in trees and do something positive for the community. That is what you are empowered to do. Even the law breaking bicycle riders without helmets so noticeable daily around town. Zero tolerance and a broken windows policy is the only option. For those in councils providing 'community' services such as night vigilante patrols, stop wasting my rates - let Mr Plod do his job.

For those in the gangs, I say I do not want your "community help" because of all the aggro that follows.


KG said...

Spot-on! It beggars belief that the police we pay for, the courts we pay for and the damn politicians we pay for can't get on top of these lowlife thugs.
They've turned lots of small NZ towns into "no-go" areas after dark and I've had a gutful of the swaggering, cowardly useless bastards.

Murray said...

Course they're not happy about.

they making their living offf selling drugs to kids and this was a potential customer.

Along with drawing attention to their activities this was a poor business decision.

Oswald Bastable said...

Yes, I don't seem to hear the 'vigilante' cries from the media this time...