Monday, May 24, 2010

Labour continues delivering negative messages

A private member's bill to exclude the northern part of Rodney from the Auckland Super City is one step closer with Rodney's mayor saying the Labour Party is throwing its support behind it.

In another fit of pique Labour has embarked on yet another campaign of out and out bad publicity in Auckland.

No wonder Labour is where it is the polls. The biggest city in the country and all Labour delivers is continual negativity. Auckland wants the restructure job completed forthwith, the socialists routed from the business operations and to get on with being number one.

Obviously we would prefer a local MP

Yeah right. The voters elected Key and Lockwood to the area because they wanted action on the matter. Labour might just learn how to extract those votes around 2014 or even 2017 at this rate.

I live in hope one of these days Labour might cease their sour grapes harping on and actually be supportive of the voters in the Queen City.

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mawm said...

Don't you just love it! Key rolls out policy that gets the thumbs up in polls.....and Goff is out there dissing it. It is doing him wonders in the polls.

Keep it up Labour!