Monday, May 10, 2010

National has given New Zealand away

Brownlee pointed to untapped potential in "very significant" gold "massive" ironsands deposits under NZ's sea - which could be a boon to tribes under customary title proposals in the foreshore and seabed plans

The strongest indication to date in print that the Crown's ownership of the foreshore and seabed have been horse-traded to assuage colonist guilt.

Absolutely sickening. Nothing is sacred with Key and his cohorts in their desperation to retain power at any cost. In 18 short months he has overturned every principle National ever stood for, wrecking this country by getting into bed with the separatists. A move he was not elected to do.

Noticed how quiet Pita and Hone have been of late? Only Tariana is fronting, with insignificant red herrings. Their palms obviously have been well greased.

The hoo-haa over mining is only a sideshow. The real issue is ownership of the seabed.

It is time this imposter was removed. Are there any politicians out there that would stand on their stated principles? I know not of any, bar one.

Lazarus, where are you?


KG said...

"sickening" doesn't begin to describe it, PM.

Voters have been stabbed in the back by the Nats and the smirking weasel Key.
I'll vote for anybody other than National next time. A treacherous friend is far worse than any known enemy.

PM of NZ said...

Yes KG,

I would never vote for Helen's Mob and the one-man band ACT have proven to be utterly useless. When the Super City becomes the super shitty, ACT will be history.

Lazarus is the only choice. At least he is principled, because you know you will be shafted.

KG said...

I've put up an excerpt from your post (and a link back to it) over at CR.
Interestingly, I see some apologists for National are beginning to describe opposition to their separatist policies as "extreme right-wing".
Straight out of the leftist playbook--what does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

Helen is gold compared to Key. Gold, I tell you. Key is a sell out, a shyster, dishonest and weak. Sounds like milky tea. Leftie as well, pretending not to be.