Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rough day

It was a rough day at the office yesterday for John Boy Key.

Seems more than a few of his lieutenants are getting above their station now that the body corporate got a tick in the box for their do nothing budget last week. Us Kiwis are so easily bribed but that is well, another story others have covered.

On topic, here are a few defensive headlines in the ODT today.

  • PM backs smacking review after criticism
  • No decisions on asset sales: Key
  • Carter told to stop commenting on Crafar sale
  • Minister defends ETS
  • Key defends GST and other hikes

Definitely on the back foot is our illustrious leader. Using up a fair bit of political capital there I'd say having to defend this and that. Like the budget, if you have to defend it, the effect is lost.

Maybe 'Smile and Wave' wants all the limelight to himself...

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