Thursday, May 20, 2010

What should be in the blue book

Today is the day when John Boy Key gets to read from his just published Blue Book.

I thought I make a few suggestions what I believe should be in the book.

  • Cutting Welfare For Families - it is only a means to buy votes from non-taxpayers - no I do not want welfare from the government.
  • Aligning and lowering to a maximum of 30% company, trust, personal and other related tax rates so the reason for all rorts / devious accounting methods are removed forthwith
  • Those bludgers in receipt of taxpayer largesse are put on immediate notice - no work, no benefit
  • Cease throwing money at black holes into which a toy train set recently and Air NZ disappeared - the government has no truck running what should be private businesses that will either stand or fall.
  • Stop borrowing $1 billion a month to pay for Labour's excesses - kneecap the Public Service and any other would be bludger of my taxes till the books balance.
  • Ditch the ETS - who needs another tax?
  • By all means flatten the tax tax via a higher GST but lower the personal tax hits - you cannot have two bites of the cake.
  • Make sure the grievance industry knows that their time in the sun is over.

These are just a few on the wish list any sane budgeter might do to keep his own household in financial order, why not government of all shades, including local government?

Unfortunately, I daresay none of the above will be in the Nat-Socialists budget today.


mawm said...

They are all reasonable and in fact necessary for a small country such as NZ.

Our personal Greece is looming over the horizon and we need to start working to avoid it. We are not a wealthy country (anymore) and cannot behave with the profligacy of governments (especially Labour) of the past. Key and English must have realised by now that 'big' government has had its day and the people are beginning to strike back!

KG said...

That list is exactly the same as mine, PM.
The hype and spin surrounding this timid non-budget are sickening.

PM of NZ said...

A non-budget indeed KG. Mind you, I think have the balls to align the tax rates is a good move. Should Phil-In's crowd ever get near the reins again, any change will be hard to sell.

The only other good thing in the budget was taking a few mill off NZEI supporters. Sorry IV2, but the whole ECE is a bloody rort. Cut wasn't enough in my view, a mere token. Next stop in that sector should be teachers.

Overall, I'd give John Boy Key maybe a 6/10. A stumble in the right direction, could be a platform from which to operate a sharp scythe with gay abandon in future budgets.

As MAWM notes, only then we might avoid playing out our very own down-under Greek tragedy for real.

Barnsley Bill said...

I think the tax changes are on the whole fair and reasonable. I am however having issues with the fact we are borrowing to get them.
Quite why the min of ed needs thousands of head office staff is a mystery. One of many mysteries that are hiding within the enormous beast that is govt spending.
Attack that first. When all those non jobs are gone and absorbed into the private sector we can have a look at social welfare.