Saturday, May 29, 2010

NZ Bloggers Union Awards

Some nutter has started an alternative award system after the recent farce that was the Qantas national blogger awards. Supposedly a national event - three entered themselves. Must be a a division of Backscratchers Anon. Just like where the gummint of the day gives out gongs bi-annually to time servers, but that is another story.

This blog will not be self-entering this new contest. I disagree with self-promotion. My blog stands on its own feet - you read it, take offence or keep coming back. Some do come back daily for more punishment as I shout into the void.

If someone wishes to trawl the drivel I have written in 2009 and nominate me, so be it. I won't be available to physically receive any award, not that I'd expect one, there being many finer blogs on the right, like CK, KS, CR, AG, HP and OB to name but a few.

ps Keeping Stock is wondering whether to self-promote.


Oswald Bastable said...

I just picked four posts more or less at random.

I don't really care- I never set out to be a popularity contest. I just type stuff (usually badly)and if folks enjoy it enough to come back- good on them.

Like blogging, it's all a bit of a giggle...

homepaddock said...

Thanks for the compliment PM (that's assuming that HP refers to me).

I second Oswarld, any four will do and it's just a bit of fun.

PM of NZ said...

HP, definitely was you. All the best with the competition.