Monday, May 03, 2010

Desperately fudging numbers

Ever ready to spin the fiction of anti-mining support there has been some desperate counting of supporters by some.

50,000 wowed the Stranded who said it eclipsed all others as it stretched from the sea to Myer's Park.

Now, there is a slight problem with that. You see, Queen Street is 1.5Km from sea to the park, that is 1500 metres. 1500 people spaced at 1 metre intervals.

Queen Street varies, but is about 20-30 metres wide, so worst case with 30 people wide, also at 1 metre spaces, the maximum you can practically fit strolling up Queen Street is 45,000 anti-mining nutters and lunchtime legends.

Though more likely people like a bit of personal space at say 2m spacing all round. The pic on the Stranded shows less than 20 wide across the front on the banner, so 20 wide max is about right.
That gives a more credible 15,000 on a leisurely stroll.

I call bollocks on the numbers reported. Like one of the other blogs said, more turned out to look at the trollops on bikes.

Extreme support? More like extreme desperation.


Anton said...

The maths seems right. So it is about half as many people as turned up to watch the blues v hurricanes at North Harbour stadium....or 0.01% of Auckland's population

Hardly a "massive" demonstration.

perhaps the other 99.99% (which includes me) hold a more rational view and can see the bigger picture here

Anonymous said...

Did the maths myself and got to about 18k max on a good day.

Good to see the MSM get every report fucked up.

As a poot point I wonder how many thinkers in OZ have cancelled or not renewed their rag subs.

I suggest it is big numbers.

Blue Coast