Saturday, May 29, 2010

Comment of the day

What NZ needs is a disciplined, positive, strong Right Party with an real activist base in the streets and towns throughout NZ. A party that doesn't tolerate leftism, wowserism, socialism, unionism, libertarianism, or all the other stupid manifestations of the left. A party that puts responsibility before rights, duty before freedom, discipline before self-expression, commerce before charity, work before recreation, punishment before parole, police before criminals, safety before terrorism.

taken from comment here - take note John Boy Key


Anonymous said...

No, I'm sure Key would just shake his head and mutter 'STAY ON TOPIC' as his Facebook page shouts. A good reason to stay away from National, the new Left.

Anonymous said...

Sounds really nasty. Would siphon off 0.5% support from Act.

Why didn't you put the full quote in there? You know the end bit which promoted street violence and vigilantism?

Murray said...

Where do I sign?

PM of NZ said...

We could only but wish, M.