Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Orklund Council: FAIL on first letter

Being the capitalist pig landlord of Westie slum accommodation that I am, yesterday I received my very first letter from Rodney's newly formed Super City Orklund Council inviting me to fill out a form to enrol as a ratepayer elector under the new council.

An operation I need to complete so I might tick appropriate boxes in upcoming elections to exclude any female, funny named or leftie candidates.

The enrolment form is four sided A4 on cheap paper, folded in half, no colourful new logo, totally devoid of inspiration for their first missive. And parts are missing.

At least I can be thankful it is not on that bloody expensive eco bog paper that Waitakere has been using over the past decades for their missives of drivel and greenwash. Thank God they will be dis-established at the end of October.

Anyway back to the main issue. Yes, that is correct, parts are missing. The enrolment form states "... sole ratepayers must complete Section A (E1, E2 and E3) on the form ...". One slight problem, Section A is totally missing. Section B exists. As does Section C, twice.

With all the millions this exercise has cost so far, you'd think a simple copying operation could be completed successfully.W hat's the betting the whole mailout needs to be done again?


This does not bode well.

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Anton said...

Perhaps we should be funding another round of consultants to get this fixed

Rodney...bring me the chequebook