Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update 4: Is it just me? Resolved

Update 4: 1235 Resolved - sites accessed through VF now accessible. Apparently the landline side was fixed over an hour ago, the mobile broadband a short time ago.

Update 3: 1125 - Still a problem, issue has made The Herald. ODT is inaccessible, any website / email hosted on an iServe platform. Also KiwiBlog.

Update 2: 0910 - Another customer on VF landline confirms same issue. Rang VF again - confirmed as internal fault for urgent action. Not a Telecom fault - yet.

Update: 0830 - Have got hold of Vodafone, they are seeing same issue. Fault is confirmed as external of them.

It appears that Stuff and Kiwibank are down this morning. I can get to all sorts of other sites no problems, including overseas sites. Metservice is also down.

Is it just me or is there something wrong out there on the Interweb?


KG said...

They're working fine from here, PM.

PM of NZ said...

KG, cheers for that.

Have cleared cache here, tried both IE an FF to no avail. Other sites work perfectly OK. Must be a local Dannevegas routing issue for Vodafone wireless.