Friday, May 21, 2010

Money or the bag?

We've gone deliberately back to our electorates. We've got their total support.

The coalition farce continues. So the separatists took advice to see if raising Grab Snatch and Take was a deal-breaker. No, it seems that their supporters are firmly front-footed in the trough and want to be there for the next handout.
I won't vote for it. I'm not going to be there. This is not a Maori Party decision; this is a National Party decision, so I won't be anywhere near the House

Meanwhile Hone threatens and postures in the back paddock, still coming in for feed now and then.
We said, `Look, do you want us to not honour the deal we've signed up to?' and they said, `No way. You honour the agreement.

As always, money talks. "We'll hold in there for a few more months and pick up some more crumbs." There will be no moving these carpet-baggers whilst money is on the table.

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