Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dancing with the Desperates

If Labour is elected government they will pay $1.2 billion or half of the cost of the proposed inner Auckland rail loop

We wont be going ahead with the holiday highway

Now, that is one bloody impressive bribe from Caretaker Phil as the desperation really shows. What's the total now? $20Bn being offered from your taxpaying wallet?

The really desperate offer yet more bribes.


Redbaiter said...

The way these scum make promises with other people's money should get them jailed.

I notice their campaign video was full of references to "free" stuff too.

If it was Kevin's Used Car Sales who were making these kind of claims they'd be before the courts in a millisecond.

Mort said...

$1.2B is the only 3 weeks of the Double dipper's overspend, but I don't the people of Epsom will want their rates hiked $250 per annum to fund the other half. (and that is just the opening stanza and doesn't include the ongoing subsidisation required to keep the thing rolling). What a way to go Liarbore... open up 1 more liability for the ever so generous tax payers and rate payers to empty their wallets (and that of of their great grandchildren) into.


Goff and Liarbour have delivered a real kick in the teeth for Northland.
IT is not a Holiday Highway but a route essential for the prosperity of Northland.
The Holiday Highway should be rebranded the Northland Development Route.
Anyone with half a brain can see Warkworth, Wellsford, etc, need bypassing, and the bad bends taken out.
There are safety reasons too.
How many will die thanks to Liarbour's policy?

PM of NZ said...

FF, that Wellsford / Dome Valley area has needed proper work since before I started driving. I'd thought exactly the same - should Phil get the reins and implement binning of the Holiday Highway, every single future fatality will be laid at his feet.