Monday, October 24, 2011

See Len - it is easy!

"I would also say that we will have a zero-tolerance approach to people who try to camp in our city.

"By all means, protest. That's perfectly all right and always has been, always will be, but you cant camp in the city.

"You can't disrupt the city for your own purposes, you can't capture the city, you can't hold the city hostage."

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne tells would be freedom campers not to bother upsetting HMQ.

That's how it's done Len, in a city where Police actually actively enforce laws. When are you going to enforce your bylaws?

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The Gantt Guy said...

Actually, PM, the police have only now started to enforce laws. When the G20 met in Melbourne the smellies got violent, and the police were instructed (yes, instructed) by the Chief Commissioner not to retaliate. Parts of the city looked like downtown bloody Beirut, and only 3 arrests were made. It's good to see the Melbourne coppers finally being unleashed from the PC feminine BS to actually enforce our laws.

And on Len(in) Brown, wouldn't it be a lovely tribute to the RWC and rugby in general if he asked (for the sake of nostalgia, of course) the police to break out the Minto Bars?