Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Manawatu Gorge to remain open for next 13 years

Closures of this extent only happen around once in a decade

while the scale of the slip looks set to surpass the slips of 2004, which kept the gorge closed for 70 days, that portion of State Highway 3 was expected to remain viable long-term

When it finally opens again around Christmas. So we can expect the gorge to be open for the next 13 years without event? You know, the one where the next Cook Strait is forming ever so slowly.

An NZTA talking head spouting bollocks. You've had two major road closure events in the last 7 years. Not to mention the rail derailment from a massive slip last year on the other side. And numerous small closures of varying lengths.
an unstable hillside that needs to shed more material before it stabilises

I have a suitable fix. Use some of that $62K a day it is costing the region to divert over the hill and buy some dynamite.

It is time a tunnel was driven through the hill. We're heartily sick of the detours.

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