Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Desperation of Unionists (tm)

  • flag-of-convenience ships
  • a vehicle for paying low wages and forcing long hours of work and unsafe working conditions
  • half the world's merchant ships are registered in flag-of-convenience states
  • unwilling to enforce international labour, safety and environmental laws and regulations

The unionised doing everything possible with their pet hobby horses. Their continued calls to insert expensive stroppy union labour into coastal shipping been very noticeable in the past few days, but they've been unable to pin any fault directly on the donkey. Just looking to up the union ante whilst the world is looking.

Notice that they do not once acknowledge that the good ship Rena had passed multiple inspections, as recently as Bluff and Fremantle, no doubt aided and abetted by unionised staff, with only minor pickups.

The desperation of the irrelevant in the modern age. Unable let a good 'crisis' go to waste.


Inventory2 said...

The Maritime Union is, surprise, surprise, blaming the Government for the stranding of the Rena. I didn't realise that Steven Joyce was a 44yo Filipino man!

PM of NZ said...

I'd expect nothing else from the desperate.

Off thread I know, but related. I see one paper has reported that it was the skipper's 44th the day Rena went on the bricks. Read into that what you will.