Friday, October 07, 2011

Need more popcorn...

Yes, I am in for weekend of entertaining sport.

Petrol head heaven starting at 0930 Sun on 3. Annual outing to Mt Panorama and 300Kmh on Con-Rod Straight via my couch. Pity you can't smell all those climate warming hydrocarbons being consumed on telly.

Speaking of imminent climate change, the other sporting entertainment is watching that container ship bouncing on the bricks as various agencies perform like trained seals and headless chooks. Top
entertainment, developing by the hour, absolutely nothing done so far. What's the weather for Sunday and beyond? How many days has it been now? Not one tow line has been put any where near the hull in near perfect conditions.

Enough sporting entertainment to get you half hard! No doubt those wanting the full load will also watch some on paddock thuggery with an oval ball. Not me, haven't watched one yet.

Must get more popcorn.


KG said...

Bloody unbelievable, innit? Like Civil Defence, I bet there's a horde of drones running around in hi-viz jackets, carrying clipboards though.
Pompous, self-important little prats who couldn't organise a bunfight in a bakery.

Pity about the race--we'll be grinding our way towards Brisbane in a slow Nissan Patrol all day. Sigh...

PM of NZ said...

"a horde of drones"

Yep, there's hordes of them up from Massey looking to show off their bird washing skills. A total waste of my taxes saving shitehawks.

Also I see now unemployed MPs are converging on the Mount. Also at taxpayer expense no doubt. Greenie clown Gareth 'Ronald McDonald' Hughes is on his way to stick his nose in.