Sunday, October 09, 2011

Eight oiled penguins attract the PM

Prime Minister John Key is also expected to fly into the city today to see the situation for himself

I see the photo-op is in for today. Smile and Wave and a few oiled birds.

Unbelievable. In the real world there are other options than spending thousands on rescuing bloody oiled birds. All you need is a shovel to dig a hole.

But I see the oil leaking out the bottom of the now capped oil tanks has been reported as stopped. Amazing physics how a capped tank builds suction as dense viscuous liquid attempts to ooze out the damaged bottom.

All the greenie talking heads, like Gareth 'Ronald McDonald' Hughes and EDS's Taylor, or photos with Smile and Wave will not stop one litre of oil leaving the ship. Think of how many ships have sunk around the NZ and Pacific coasts in past years without any oil recovery or cleanups. The environment goes on.

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Redbaiter said...

Damn right, and I can't buy any more of this bullshit about Key having some kind of commercial or business acumen.

Nobody with real experience in business would be saying right now that "we need to find out why the boat hit the rock".

This comes after. The issue now is repairing the situation, either getting the boat off or whatever.

Recriminations, finger pointing and blame should come later.

Key is just a two bit Foreign Exchange dealer who made a few good deals.

As a PM, he's completely useless.