Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oz Police show how to move OWS supporters on

Police were clearly on a mission to get us out of there and they used whatever force they decided was necessary

Forty people were arrested and 29 of those were issued with infringement notices for breaching a local government act

On Friday, there were violent scenes at the Occupy Melbourne site, with 100 people arrested as they were forcefully evicted from their City Square campsite

the protest breached City of Sydney regulations

Dawn raids? Love 'em! A week or more overdue.

Len Brown and other mayors like Shadbolt should take lessons in Moving Freedom Campers 101.

It is a pity we do not have real Police in NZ to enforce the law.

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Mort said...

maybe if there was an instafine like people get for no seat belts or some crap the cops would be more interested. The fact these commies are stealing ratepayer amenities, (let alone oxygen) is not within the cops carebook any longer