Monday, October 24, 2011

It was possible to avoid the madness

For months to avoid the madness of the national game of on-paddock thuggery.

I've successfully not watched one game or opening ceremonies. Or the endless repeats and analysis by various experts and witchdoctors.

Now for the hangover of last night's eighty minutes of supposed entertainment. By my guesstimates ratepayers now have a collective headache of about $2Bn plus to repay. Something my grandchildren will long be paying whilst the IRB laughs all the way to the bank.

New Zealand suckered yet again. Was $2.5m a minute worth it?



Good grief PM of NZ.
I thought I was a cynic.
I have even suggested an All Black defeat might help the country focus on more important matters like wealth creation.
But we should accept our boys did well and we should enjoy the victory.

PM of NZ said...

I haven't read yours FF - that virus is still there on your front page when I last looked.

Like your comment suggests, there is something deeply wrong with the psyche of this nation that we can be borrowing the best part of $400M a week to fund our profligacy. While we mortgage our grandchildren in the misguided pursuit of a game.

Meanwhile the powers that be, whilst continually exhorting me to save via the likes of KiwiSlaver, have the gall to suggest such discretionary spending is good for me.

We definitely need to take a close look at our priorities as a nation.

Anonymous said...

"We" and "our" in your final line. Why?
What about personal choice in the manner you exercised by not watching the games? The revenue from the Cup will be difficult to accurately assess and it will take time. I am confident from witnessing partying and enthusiasm from all-comers that your bleak perspective will not be realised.


PM of NZ said...

Cadw, much partying and enthusiasm might get Smile and Wave re-elected in the short term, however shaky that looks at present. Unfortunately all the enthusiasm in the world on the taxpayer's dime does not pay bills.

KG said...

"Unfortunately all the enthusiasm in the world on the taxpayer's dime does not pay bills."